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Book Cover by Jason K. Hauck of Surrey B.C. Canada

Welcome to the Star Trek Pathfinder WikiEdit

Star Trek Pathfinder is the home of stories and materials relevant to the story of the Earth Starship NX-XX Pathfinder. I am happy for people to contribute and participate where-ever they can. Feel free to drop me a line or suggest a character!

MISSION STATEMENT: I'm doing a bit of erotic writing and mixing it in with Star Trek and other Sci-Fi that I like.

WHAT YOU CAN DO?: Write an intimate encounter with one of the characters? Read, add your own characters. Just try to keep it in the format and style otherwise shown. Thanks for stopping by!

DISCLAIMER: Totally don't own Star Trek, mean any offence or intend to get rich of this.

Star Trek PathfinderEdit

Set in the ENTERPRISE Era of Star Trek this site tells the story of the starship NX-XX Pathfinder on its voyage to explore the galaxy and expand human knowledge. It's able crew are out to understand the universe and serve, protect humanity while writing their names in history. Story begins in 2150.

You can start reading the story here.

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