Denobulan Shuttle

Denobulan shuttles are a small type of vessel used by Denobula as light utility transport. They can be piloted by one person, very similar designs are employed by other space-faring cultures.

Technical InformationEdit

Length: 8 meters

Wingspan: 4.7 meters

Height: 2.8 meters

Decks: 1

Crew complement: 1 Pilot, 2 Passengers

Speed: Impulse

Small shuttles, of limited duration and carrying capacity are typically employed as cheap and easy to operate shuttlepods. The Denobulan design is similar to a type in service with the Mazarites and is sold openly by the world to private buyers and governments. It is a nippy little flyer that serves well as a spaceplane and was designed to be carried aboard a larger ship, ferrying crew around. The pilot sits in the nose and two passengers behind, the craft can carry a couple more in very cramped conditions, it is entered through a hatch at the back but the windows do blow off for emergency egress.

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